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How to Design a Website Together

What's different about our Website Design service?  Here at Linda Lotus Designs ~ Fae Entertainment, we teach you how to manage your own site after it's built!  Yes, you get control over your daily business goings-on.  Learn how to build your business at whatever speed you feel is comfortable with growth in the marketplace.

Let us teach you how to become an effective Entrepreneur, and then find what your favorite passion in life is when it comes to your online presence as a business.

It's all about Empowerment!  What to expect:


1.) $350.00 gets you started with opening a working account.

2.) Once you are ready to hire us, you can either SEND Funds for $350.00 Website Foundation Fee through our (Let's Work Together) Book Online, then it will generate your order for website design.

3.) You will have 3x to edit with changes to your new business Website, and when you are happy with the design, then we will then teach you how to use the management functions.

4.) Three types of Websites; FREE site with personal business, Upgrade to Business account with your custom domain, or Premium Business with all the perks.

5.) When the final product is finished, just one last end fee for our service is $250.00, and that's it!!!  You will only pay for your hosting cost(s) once the site is up and running.  Advertising and online presence social media are extras you can navigate on your own with a little guidance.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.  It's as easy decide how to contact us;

1.) Let's Go to Bookings Page. 

2.) Call Now.  -OR- 3.) Email below!

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