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Relationships   /   Love  /   Marriage  /   Divorce Career  /   Health  /   Family  /   Finance  /   Karma

Accurate Master Clairvoyant ~ International Medium

Remote Energy Healer 

Healing Arts & Life Coach

1999 -2022 - 26 Certifications in Healing Arts

2001 - 2022 - 21 Years Mental Medium 

2001-2022 - 5 Star Customer Ratings Ingenio, LLC

2001 -2022 - Life Coach (NLP, Love, Life, Career, Healing, Trauma)

Healing & Prayer Sessions & Requests (Non-Denominational Christian)

1999 - 2022 - Book Publisher, Film Producer, Director, Artist, Editor & Web Designer App Developer

BODY, MIND, SPIRIT & SOUL; 20 years of experience Non-Denominational Christian based Holistic Practice Philosophy; Certified, Ordained, Tony Robbins Trained Life Coach, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Remote Viewing/Healing, Medium, Empath, Reiki Master, Healer, Dream Interpreter and has acquired 26 Certifications in the field of Healing Arts. 


Linda's first Lotus Petal Opening was Aug 2011 with Sri Matajii Sahaja Kundalini Yoga Meditation BC, Canada; Birthright to DIVINE Self Realization.  Linda is a Certified Kriya Teacher with courses from the Mount Shasta Kriya Kundalini Yoga Meditation Retreat in 2019 studying Kriya Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Golden Lotus, Surya Yoga ~ Pranic Healing with The Sun with Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, the only living Kriya lineage Enlightened Himalayan Master.  Linda is now advanced and Certified to teach Kriya Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice.

I offer a good approach to readings with my clients by being compassionate and direct, patient, present and mindful in my readings. I am an excellent Life Coach, and often provide effective methods for people to succeed in life's endeavors and to help solve issues they are having with personal and business relationships. I have a good knowledge of Astrological signs, and keep my tabs on what the planets are doing Astrologically. This helps me navigate moving forward with my clients effectively providing advice for their real life experiences and provide spiritual solutions to some of the most difficult of circumstances.

It's all about Empowerment!

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First time customers Receive
3 Free Minutes
10 FREE Minutes for $1.99 Psychic Reading on

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Astrological Zodiac Sign & Clairvoyant Reading 
Relationship & Compatibility Reading
Clairvoyant Reading 
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Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology


Lack of compatibility in Relationships is often a problem for many people. Let's discover a more accurate navigation compass using your City, Country, and DOB (Date of Birth), including an in depth Intuitive Psychic Reading. 


With an in depth reading, we will take a look at your Astrological compatibility in order to determine whether a Love / Friendship / Family Acquaintance Relationship(s), or even a Business Partnership will work best or not. And, we will take a look to see what challenges you will face within the interpersonal dynamics ~ with skill based on your Astrological Chart information.

You deserve answers!  Ready for a Reading?

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