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The Inca warrior's harvested this Ancient Aztec "Mother Grain" named Quinoa ("keen-wa") widely known for the food's unique nutritional properties is now scientifically proven with research to assist in the elimination of; breast cancer, celiac disease, food allergies, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, childhood asthma, gallstone prevention, migraines, cardiovascular post menopausal symptoms, and for the gluten free "inulin" stabilizing qualities that are most beneficial for easier weight loss in the treatment of obesity. Follow along with easy to cook yummy satisfying recipes rendering a most decadent and delicious Indo, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, American, European and Tex-Mex-Spanish style Quinoa Fusion dishes featuring; Appetizers, Breads, Entrées, Pub Foods, Fritters, mouth watering Dipping Sauces, Burgers, Pasta, Pizza and luscious Quinoa Desserts. Enjoy this worldwide culinary tour, and join the exploration in the adventure of cooking heavenly scrumptious Quinoa Fusion style dishes!

Quinoa Heaven Cook Book by Linda Larson

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