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Home Staging Design
Let's Move This Sale Forward 

Do staged homes sell faster?


Staged homes or partially staged homes usually sell faster than empty homes, in most markets. With today's open-concept layouts, staging can be an important tool in helping buyers visualize how a home's living area is best used. If a buyer just tours a large, empty living room, it's hard for them to picture a useful layout, so staging can help paint a picture.

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, unstaged homes spend an average of 184 days on the market before selling. But homes staged prior to listing sold in just 23 days — 8 times faster.

A staged home gets you your commission sooner.

A real estate agent who spends close to 1 percent on staging sees over a
10 percent return on investment. Source: 'National association of Realtors' 

If you don't stage, and opt to leave your house empty, you risk the following:

  • Home defects appear more obvious to buyers.

  • Home can feel cold or uninviting.

  • Property could be more susceptible to break-ins.

  • Seller might appear overly eager to sell.

How much does it cost to stage a house?

The cost of home staging varies by the size of your home, whether you’re using your own furniture or staging furniture. You’ll also need to consider the costs of moving some or all of your belongings prior to staging. Even if you use your own furniture to stage, you'll need to move out at least a third of your belongings to effectively declutter and depersonalize your space. Here are a few average staging costs and average moving costs to aid in your decision-making.

We support our local Artists and Businesses

We love to rent local Artist's Art for home staging and design.  If the buyer's and/or AIR BNB VRBO guests enjoy the Art, they will also have the option to buy it with a discounted price for sale!  The Realtor, Home Staging Interior Designer, Broker all receive a percentage for the sale of local Artist's creations!  This is a great way to shop around Art that otherwise would just collect dust until the next Art Gallery showing. 


Support our local Artists, and sign up for home staging and interior design now! 

Thank you for  considering us as your home staging service.


This information outlines the right choices for your real estate business,  along with the detailed description of our plan of action.

Every good real estate company knows a beautifully staged home earns more commission and tends to sell faster than a house that is not. That is why staging homes for us goes way beyond just choosing a chair, sofa, or a rug...

It's an art form. 


Contact Linda: +1 425 616 5954

Email Linda:


Get started, and let's work together today!

Special perk: If the new buyer/owner wants to keep the furnishings in the entire space, the Realtor can absorb the cost(s) in the sale of the house at closing to avoid losing equity in the rented furniture as well.

AIR BNB and VRBO with Easy Management


Linda also offers services to maintain AIR BNB VRBO Guest Listings, and helps to manage your online account(s) with management skills, such as; website page(s) listings updates, questionnaires for visitor's food allergies, dietary needs for their breakfast items, and special occasion(s) (Party planning, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, DoorDash, etc.) request(s) for your guests and customers.  Linda is a web designer, and has over 30 yrs experience in designing pages that attract attention for continued customer happiness.



















Cost of full-service home staging

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, a verbal consultation ranges between $200 and $525 for a 2,001- to 2,500-square-foot home. Full vacant-home staging ranges from $2,900 to $5,250, on average.


In addition, this may or may not include the cost of using movers to move your belongings within the same city, to move out of state, or to another country.

This can take between 7 and 10 hours for a 3-bedroom home and cost $560 to $1,000. You may end up paying this twice if you move out early — once from your old home to a storage unit or temporary home, and once again when moving into your new home.

Note: Rental furniture is normally paid by the weekly rate(s).  This is a much less expensive alternative than using movers on the norm.  The furniture is then delivered by the rental furniture company, and furnishings decor, window treatments, can also be rented for the all inclusive fee(s).  

Home Staging costs can also be included and absorbed in the buyer's cost for doing business when the Realtor closes the sale.  Realtors can provide up front working budget that gets paid back to them for providing the service at no cost to the buyer if requested ahead of time. It's a win-win formula!

Cost of a storage unit

This can range from $50 a month for a small unit and $300 to $400 for a large unit. Instead of a traditional storage unit, some sellers opt for a pod, which can cost $150 to $300 a month, plus delivery fees, with the benefit of not having to hire movers both ways.

Degrees of home staging

Home staging can take various forms, depending on your financial investment, the amount of prep time you have, and whether you currently live in the home or have already vacated.

Full-service or vacant-home staging

With full-service staging, a professional stager, such as Linda will order the rented furniture to either furnish an entire home or supplement the few items still there. This works best for sellers who have already completely (or mostly) moved out. In some cases, sellers move most of their belongings into storage to make way for the professional staging setup.

Keep in mind that some stagers won't work with sellers who are living on the premises, due to wear and tear on their furniture, some of which, as stated above in the paragraph above, may be rented.

















Partial home staging

In partial home staging, a seller hires a professional stager who can provide a variety of services. For example, they can simply consult on changes the seller should make, rearrange furniture and decorative items, or stage a single room. In this situation, the seller may still be living in the home but is moved out or in the process of decluttering and packing.

Virtual home staging

In virtual home staging, the seller can also request a create virtual staging just for the listing photos. This kind of service appeals to sellers who already vacated their home but don't want the expense of bringing a lot of furniture and decor back into the home.  Linda Larson can generate virtual staging with basic photographs of the home or space right on her cell phone anywhere, anytime.  Once the virtual staging is completed, the photographs will be emailed back to the Realtor or owner directly.  This cost is normally between $300-$400, and can save a lot of money out of pocket instead of moving furniture.  A great option if buyers are moving here from out of state, such as relocation for military families.

More About AIR BNB & VRBO home staging

At Linda Larson and Fae Entertainment: she transforms empty and distressed properties into homes that look both luxurious and vacation rental ready, enticing travelers with style and sophistication that feels just within their reach. 

Linda's approach: To design a space with awareness of the people that will fill it, from homeowners to travelers of all walks of life, origins, befitting for all globe trotters.

Linda specializes in listening to client's needs and developing a clear and cohesive vision of their ideal living spaces.  Her expertise of the development process allows us to assist in making crucial decisions in a timely manner.  Linda can also work closely with architects, draftsmen, builders and artisans on projects of all sizes, from new builds to remodels.  Linda studied as a Home Interior Designer with her mother Vivian Larson for nearly two decades.  Vivian was in the Top 10 Home Interior Designers who worked for Mary Crowley and her company known previously as Home Interiors.  Talents included numerous showings in homes all over Kitsap County with Art, wall groupings, flower arranging, homemade bow designs for ribbons and gifts, beautiful candle settings, and color themes according to the customer's tastes and likes.

The style  embraces the best of modern coastal simplicity and casual elegance with touches of mid century elements. We have a love for integrating old-world raw materials with a modern twist. With a goal is to create enduring and livable architecture, capable of inspiration and enjoyment.

Let's Work Together!  Your Home Staging Consultation is just one click away! Special starting price is now $200 for 1 hour!  Get started, and Order your Consultation Now!

Contact Linda: +1 425 616 5954

Email Linda:

Disclaimer: Insurance and Liability is required to be provided by the Realtor / Property Management Company who have the property up for sale listing(s)

and proposed AIR BNB VRBO listing(s). Fae Entertainment and Linda Larson for Design and Entertainment purposes only.

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