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#1 Sci Film Award!  Olympus Film Festival 2019 L.A., CA.

Logline: Come take a magical journey into Fae with your imagination, as you are transported into the paranormal Secret World of Faeries; with the world's experts of all things Faery.

Our Story

WELCOME TO FAE ENTERTAINMENT! Home of Morgan Fitzsimons & Linda Larson, International Award Winning Authors & Artists! Scroll down to see our Art Therapy Colouring Books, gorgeous fantastical Journals, Fantasy, Romance, Novels, and whimsical Fairytale Stories for the entire family to enjoy! 


"Imagination is more important than knowledge: If you want your children to be intelligent read them Fairytales, If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more Fairytales"   ~ Albert Einstein


Art Therapy Colouring Books Collection


FUN FACT: Art and Colouring is therapeutic, and has been proven to block pain in the body while it can relieve high levels of stress. Art and Colouring Therapy has also been known to help those with dyslexia and learning disabilities to stay more focused to learn content more effectively in school; absorbing words with detailed pictures for better spelling and grammar!


COVID-19 Update: Since the Pandemic shut many businesses down, we want to tell you that we are still up and running amidst difficult business times.  When you visit our books on Amazon, keep in mind that even if it says the book is out of print or limited, you can still order the books!!!  We hope everyone will keep on shopping and ordering our Books and FAE Film!


Thank you!!! 

Linda Larson ~ Fae Entertainment

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LINDA LARSON, Fae Entertainment - International Joint Venture Publisher

We are professionally trained Artists, Authors and Designers in the latest techniques and products. Our service and dedication to our fans and clients are unsurpassed! We simply love Art, Music, Creative Writing, Design, Publishing and Film!


Our goal is to offer the highest quality selection of  products, Art, Design and Film to children, teens, adults of all ages and professionals that want to enhance their lives through colour, design, creativity and Entertainment. We continuously conduct research to bring you innovative products that deliver exceptional results in cooking, and maximize health and wellness benefits with our holistic books, and cook books. ​The ongoing development of our specialized products, books, Art, Design and Film guarantees that our professional knowledge is at the forefront of the latest developments in holistic cooking, Entertainment, Art, Design and family integrative fun.

Linda is currently operating business as Agent, Author, Writer, Publisher, Producer, Director, Web- Designer and Online Store Manager. She is a Dual Citizen of Canada and USA. Linda founded a multi-faceted internet based publishing business distributing 30 plus book titles for sale at  in Great Britain and continental Europe to fulfilling retail orders placed on,,, and  worldwide through Ingrams with books worldwide for Trade through Ingram's content in the UK and throughout Europe.  Linda is an Award Winning Author-Artist & has Achieved Notoriety writing Poetry. She has been published in three International Library of Poetry Anthologies, and received the Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence. 




Ingram's Content for Worldwide & USA Territories

The current online shoppes that provide books for sale, easy automatic download art stamps for art challenges, specialty gifts and represents artists for Trade, publishing and products for sale in retail venues offered by Fae Entertainment are listed on Amazon and available through Ingram's.

2014-2017 Linda also wrote the Script, Directed and Co-Produced a Fantasy Paranormal Documentary TV Series that will be shown on TV Networks titled, “Fae` The Secret World of Faeries”  Logline: Come take a magical journey into Fae` with your imagination, as you are transported into the paranormal Secret World of Faeries; with the world's experts of all things Faery.

Linda is non-denominational Christian with a vast knowledge and studies of integrated Eastern Philosophies. Linda’s areas of interest include; horseback riding, piano, gourmet cooking, wine tasting, spa treatments, music, meditation, spiritual studies, movies, animation, writing, holism, writing children's stories, writing, publishing, poetry, nature, wildlife, literature, Turbo Fire, meditation &  Yoga exercise systems. Linda has written 12 children's books excitedly working on the series! She is currently working on two online courses with eBooks and instructional videos with a Holistic and Spiritual subjects of Enlightenment Studies.

Business & Healing Arts: Linda Larson, entrepreneur owned-operated ‘Beyond Fashion’ 1990-1998 and ‘Lake Union Holistic Centre Day Spa’ in Seattle, WA. Spa Services, Parenting Classes (PEPS) to professional Film and TV industry clientele.   In 1993-1994, a ‘chance of a lifetime’ presented itself; Linda was invited to be one of a very few Americans selected to study Pediatric “Tuina” (Chinese Acupressure) at the Jiang-su Provincial Hospital in Nanjing, China.  Her background in Pre-Med, Advanced Physical Therapy, Reiki Master  Healing System ~ Usui Shiki Ryoho, Cosmetology and Aesthetics provided a solid foundation for her studies in “TUINA” under Dr. Yin Ming, O.M.D., head of the Pediatric Division at the Nanjing Province Hospital 1993-94, and then continued to expand by studying with The Olympic Athlete Sports Medicine Doctors and QI (Chēē) Gong Studies in Beijing, CHINA.   

Business Studies & Healing Arts: Linda received SBA Masters in Business 1994-1997, Book Layout-Design, Web-Design, Desktop Publishing, Professionally Licensed/Accredited in WA. and CA. USA for Cosmetology/Aesthetics, Physical Therapy, Licensed Physio, S.H.E.S. Internationally Licensed Ordained-Intuitive-Counselor, and Internationally Licensed Spiritual Healer Certificate of Accreditation with professional Counseling practice for 20 years,  23 additional Certifications of continuing education in the Medical field of Healing Arts inclusive of; special Accreditation studies of Nutrition, European Lymphatic’s, Aromatherapy and Skin-Care. 


Spiritual Studies: Linda has studied and practiced "Sahaja Kundalini Yoga Meditation" and "Pranayama" breathing techniques. Linda is currently studying and practicing India's Royal Family's Yogiraj Satguru Siddanath's "Kriya Kundalini Yoga and Meditation" with instructional advanced techniques, such as, "Golden Lotus," "Surya Yoga Pranic Healing with The Sun" and "Advanced -- Kriya Kundalini Yoga and Meditation".  Linda was certified to teach Kriya Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at Mount Shasta August 2019.

Writing & Career: Linda’s career as a writer-artist was first recognized with International Library of Poetry Editor’s Choice Awards (2004, 2007, 2008) and her professional role at an Arts Center Secretary for Board of Directors 1998-2009 while illustrating Faeries, writing poetry, publishing books/greeting cards. Continuing storyboard classical writing skills with Northern CA. Romance Writers 2002-2004, specialized personal instruction from four published world-renowned Faery Historians, Musicians, Authors’ and Scottish Bard/publisher while attending Artist and Writer’s Retreats located in Eiryes, Ireland and Glastonbury, England 2004-2005. 

Editor & Writer: Linda was co-writer/editor in Southern Oregon 2004-2007 business associated with producers of non-violent content for web content Indigo Children, Shakespeare Theatre and spiritual theme.  Linda moved to Canada from the USA while collaborating-working-studying with Mentor Script Advisor Million Dollar Screenwriter (In Loving Memory) Blake Snyder, Author of “Save the Cat” Beat Sheet, Master Beat Story Board Instruction 2007-09. Writing strengths include; conceptual ideas, screenplays spanning a large audience appeal, character development, imaginative storyline arcs and title delivery. 

Screenwriting & International Publishing Rights: Linda’s scripts for both TV Series and Film have been instructed and edited by Script Advisor Coach David Zuckerman, owner and producer of Zuckerman Productions.  Linda is currently President of a production company that operates in WA. State USA and Canada as FAE Entertainment and Aether Editions, Etc. Publishing; Book Titles Distributed Worldwide through Ingrams with Worldwide Trade ( – the business closed after Linda moved from Oregon to Canada 13 years previous) acquired Foreign Translation Publishing Rights contract 2007 for one of her book titles, “The Little Baby Massage Book” with a publishing house covering territories in Belarus, Russia & U.K. 



Fae The Secret World of Faeries Film TV Series is available for viewing on:


 Amazon Prime Video now!

Our group of Artists won the Olympus Film Festival Trophy Award 2019 for #1 Sci Paranormal Film​​!!! Nothing short of amazing!



#1 Sci Film Award!  Olympus Film Festival 2019 L.A., CA.

Logline: Come take a magical journey into Fae with your imagination, as you are transported into the paranormal Secret World of Faeries; with the world's experts of all things Faery.


Morgan Fitzsimons, International Award Winning Author-Artist, was born in the north of England in 1939. Drawing and painting since early childhood, her love of art was encouraged by a young art mistress at the age of 11 who urged her on to study the arts. Morgan went on to Liverpool University where she obtained an N.D.D., A.T.D. and B.A.











Morgan has lived in a variety of places including Lancashire, Shropshire, Merseyside, North Wales, London and Peterborough and has spent a good deal of time overseas. At 21 she painted in the Place de Tetre with other students and exhibited with artists along the Seine. While in France she was inspired by the woods at Fontainebleau and the palace at Versailles. In more recent years she has spent time in Africa and U.S.A.

Morgan was a teacher for twenty years and Head of Special Needs. She has a passion for knowledge and a love of books and while working as a teacher she wrote and illustrated for several publishers. Her physical disability and other problems led her to retire from teaching to concentrate on other things. Since then, she has designed and illustrated for various publishers and manufacturers. She has painted and exhibited in the UK and overseas.









Morgan was privately funded to spearhead a Business venture for her Children's Educational products for kids who have learning disabilities with her "Storymakers" that help with associating words with the images for easier learning. Pictured here, she is at a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Mayor of Peterborough, UK and with the MP's Members of Parliament. 

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